ZEISS infinity tour – Iceland

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Iceland Travel Log: Jökulsárlón

This has been my fourth trip to Iceland during the last three years. It is a destination totally different from any country I have visited before. It is a trip you really have to get ready for and when I say getting ready I mean it in a different way. It’s not only about booking your flight, hotel and packing your bag.

It started off with my clothes. What to wear in Iceland, was the big question before my first trip. I went on a shopping trip to the mall in Dubai, a city where the sun shines 365 days a year without a real winter. Yet, I was surprised to bump into other shoppers that were looking for the very same thing I was looking for. Iceland was becoming en-vogue. The one and only tip I can give to people who are traveling to Iceland is to wear layers, it actually helps to keep you warm and you can always discard one layer, if you feel hot. I once read, there’s no bad weather, but bad clothing and that’s definitely right for Iceland. One more thing: if you hate to get wet, don’t even bother doing a trip to Iceland.

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My biggest challenge whenever I travel is fitting my gear in one backpack that I can take with me on a plane. I know as a photographer you want to experiment and try all possible equipment, but with all the restrictions on the planes you must focus and decide which are your priority lenses and what other equipment that you should have on you. It took me at least two trips to Iceland to decide.

For the equipment, I recommend a wide-angle lens and of course the ZEISS Milvus 2.8/15 is on the top of my list. I must admit that 80% of my images were shot with this lens. ND filters are recommended and as much batteries as you can afford – due to the cold weather they need to be recharged more frequently.

And take the steadiest tripod you can get and I really mean that, during this trip I lost my camera in frequents of second, when I gave my back to the tripod. Always keep an eye on the camera fixed on the steady tripod!

Don’t expect luxury accommodation, especially if you are traveling from one location to the other. Of course, Reykjavik offers many options for accommodation, but once you are on the road, the hotels become more like guesthouses. But nevertheless the people are very friendly, helpful, flexible and open to visitors. Maybe the Icelandic way of life influenced one of my workshop participants. As I asked her how she feels about the meaning of infinity, Sabah described it as a platform of happiness and dreams to live, laugh and love ad infinitum – a definition I really like.

I just noticed I used the word planning several times, however in Iceland you often must have a plan B, C or even D. Of course, you plan your route, you know which locations you are visiting, but in no time a storm can make you change all plans. So, in other words you are exposed to nature. But that’s exactly why landscape photographers will fall in love with the stunning Icelandic nature has to offer, whether it’s a water fall, ice formations, glaciers, volcano or chasing the Northern lights – the best time to catch them is from mid-September to mid-April. I found the stranded melting ice blocks on the beach as a very fitting analogy for the tour’s theme of infinity: The transient relicts of gigantic icebergs are shining in the sun and shrinking until they’re dissolved back into the ocean. Resembling the true process of nature’s infinite circle.

Last but not least after a hardcore photography trip with very little sleep, you can only reward yourself with a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Dany Eid

ZEISS Ambassador



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ZEISS Infinity tour – Namibia

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I grew up in the Middle East. I was born in Lebanon, where it’s quite green and there is no sign of sand, but plenty of cedar trees, which unfortunately are shrinking in number. However I have moved to and lived in other countries where the desert dominates the landscape. I believe every desert is different, starting with the color of sand. You can’t really compare Egypt’s Eastern / Western Desert with Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s sand – which, by the way, totally differs in color –  and you can’t compare it with Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter sand.

It had always been a dream of mine to visit Namibia. They call people who read books “bookworms,” but I’m not sure what they call people who become addicted to documentaries about countries listed on their bucket list. Namibia was one of the many countries on mine. I followed different blogs, watched documentaries, did the research and finally I had the opportunity to go there.

I was invited to conduct a workshop in Cape Town – which BTW is a beautiful city – and I decided to take a trip to Namibia. I didn’t have much time to spend there – only 5 days including my arrival & departure day. I had prioritize, and so I asked myself: “Where should I go?”


I marked Sesriem on the map. Sesriem is located in the Namib Desert and is the main access point to Namib-Naukluft National Park. Here you can visit the very popular Sossusvlei Dune 45, Hiddenvlei, Big Daddy and Deadvlei.

I took the flight to Windhoek from Cape Town on Namibian Air. Forgot to mention I’m not a big fan of flying. Trust me, I did my research online about how safe the trip would be. We had a very rough landing, but it wasn’t that bad.

After I got the rental car, my first challenge was driving on the “wrong” side of the road. I wasn’t really used to that, but in next to no time you forget the fact that you are driving on the left. This was not so challenging when compared with the animals that you encounter while driving. You are completely unprepared to see a group of Zebras crossing the road. You start panicking and only seconds later you realize that they are also panicking and running as fast as they can away from your car.

I arrived at my destination after a very long drive at night. I was told it rarely happens that someone arrives that late and usually it’s prohibited to drive after dark. Frankly speaking I wouldn’t recommend it. This was the night my short photography expedition started. An adventure full of beautiful starry skies, animals – along with thieving baboons –, lots and lots of sand, dry trees and desert nature at its best.

During the trip i was using different Zeiss lenses & mainly the Milvus family: 15mm, 21mm, 85mm & 135mm






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Dubai rooftopping workshop

Daniel Cheong & I were quite excited to start our rooftopping workshops & finally yesterday we had the very first workshop. It was great fun to be with other photographers up there.

This workshop is the first of a series of rooftopping workshops on the Cayan rooftop balcony.

Thank you Cayan Group & Nikon School for the constant support.
Enjoy watching the clip summing up day one of the workshop.Please don’t to hesitate to contact me or Daniel for inquiries & feel free to subscribe to my newsletter on


The team




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